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Hospitality Rates

Reservation Type Price
Room (per night) $39.00
Suite: Couple (per night) $95.00
Suite: Single (per night) $70.00
Continental Breakfast $5.50
Breakfast (per day) $7.50
Lunch (per day) $9.50
Dinner (per day) $11.50
*Use of Facilities including 
Beverage Service
Use of Facilities including 
Beverage Service & Pastries

* For those who use the property during the day but do not stay overnight, a fee of $16.00 per person is requested for use of the facilities.  The fee includes Beverage Service.  It does not include sodas.

Groups choosing their own menus will be billed at market price.  Receptions/ Hors D'oeuvres will be billed at market price, as well.

There is a minimum billing of $300.00.  Reservations are neither accepted nor confirmed until the required non-refundable deposit is received. The deposit will be based on the estimate of the invoice.

For groups (maximum of 16) who use the kitchen facilities in Saint John Neumann Hall to prepare their own meals, a fee of $50.00 per day is requested.

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