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Tour the Retreat Center

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Mary Immaculate Center is built on a 460-acre tract of grassy fields and wooded land, at the highest point in the Lehigh Township, near the Palisades of the Lehigh River. The site, about 12 miles north of Allentown, affords a 360 - degree panoramic view of the Lehigh Valley. The limestone buildings are characterized by stylized architectural highlights including arched colonnades, walkways, gardens, marble and tile.  The building features wings that arch out from a central core.

The chapel was added in 1954 and features plain limestone walls with elaborate, brilliantly colored stained glass windows that extend along the walls and reach close to the ceiling.

The tower that dominates the front of the main building features the crucifixion.  In the foyer, mosaics depict the life and works of St. Vincent and the Vincentians.  Sayings of St. Vincent are sculpted into
the stone.

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