Mary Queen of All Saints Chapel

This chapel is a magnificent testament to The Most Blessed Trinity, Our Blessed Mother and the Saints who gave their life to Christ.  Inside the chapel a sweeping view from the rear shows:

The Floor Plan in the form of a cross composed of the nave, the transept, and a semi-circular apse around the altar.  The choir stalls are of white oak, while the stone work is white Indiana limestone ornamented in places with carved inscriptions.  The stone work in the Shrine is of Kentucky sandstone.

The Architecture is a modern fusing of ancient types as far as they are suitable to the needs of the chapel.  The exterior is modern interpretations of Romanesque, and the interior is modern accommodation of Roman (nave ceiling) and Byzantine (apse dome).

The Apse Dome directly above the main altar is a colorful representation in tile of Our Lady Surrounded by Six Saints who had particular devotion to her.

  • St. Francis of Assisi
  • St. Dominic...holding a book
  • St. Alphonsus De Liguori..and a monstrance
  • St. Bernard of Clairvaux
  • St. Simon Stock
  • St. Gabriel of the Passion

The Tabernacle is not marble but white onyx.  The Crucifix has a corpus of ivory-colored linlen wood, which eclipses the darker tones of the zebra wood cross and the sheet copper edging and trimming.

Throughout the chapel appear wooden and stone statues  as well as stain glass windows and paintings of many saints of the  Church.   Located in the sacristy is a booklet that gives a detailed description of each piece of art work and the meaning that it portrays.


Shrine to Our Lady of the
Miraculous Medal

Shrine to Bernadette and
Our Blessed Mother