Front Entrance & Foyer

Front Entrance

The Crucifixion Group on the front of the tower with a vested figure of Christ, glorious in victory, presiding over the whole structure and its works.  Christ, Priest and King Triumphant, accompanied by Our Lady and St. John the Evangelist and the Archangels Gabriel, the guardian angel of the Blessed Mother and the messenger of the Annunciation, and Michael, the guardian angel of the Church who is to weigh men's souls in the balance on the Day of Judgment.

Frescos in the Foyer

These frescos located in the foyer depict the life and charitable works of
Saint Vincent De Paul

Give me a man of prayer
and he will be capable
of everything.
St. Vincent De Paul

How little is required to be a
Saint. We have only to do the
Will of God in all things.
St. Vincent De Paul

Let us honor this most
worthy Mother, Christ's Mother
and ours, with a special
daily devotion.
St. Vincent De Paul

Let us love God my brothers.
Let us love God, but let it be
with the strength of our arms
and the sweat of our brows.
St. Vincent De Paul